Annual Meeting
April 21, 2018
Cranbury Inn, Cranbury
Donald J. Peck
RMHA President Fred Mueller
Featured speaker, Gordon Bond, delivering his presentation,
"My Patron: The Friendship of Benjamin Franklin and James Parker"
(Left to Right) Carol Natarelli, Marilyn Rautio, and Wendy Kennedy
(Left to Right) Elyce Jennings, Peter Jennings, George Dawson, Susan Goldey
(Left to Right) Don Peck, Frank Crowe, Chris Retz
John and Karen Keithler
Board Meeting
September 21, 2019
First Presbyterian Church of Woodbridge
Speaker, Gordon Bond gave a presentation based on his book, "Wicked Woodbridge & Crazy Cateret," available from American History Press.
George Washington Lunch
February 15, 2020
Cranbury Inn, Cranbury
Donald Johnstone Peck, Frank Crowe, and John Keithler
Karen Keithler, Marilyn Rautio, and Carol Natarelli
Dr. Michael Norri andDonald Johnstone Peck
Annual Meeting
September 17, 2022
Forsgate Country Club
Monroe Township
Lunch Menu
Rev. Dr. Fred Mueller
Guest Speaker Robert Mayers
Left to right: Don Peck, Rev. Dr. Fred Mueller, Barbara ten Broeke, Janena Benjamin
Karen Keithler (standing) and Marilyn Rautio
Left to right: Janena Benjamin, John Keithler, Don Peck, Tyreen Reuter